Publication Status Update

The Teach Them To Fish Foundation

The Greatest of All Times, Making a Difference Through Community Service


The publication process is complex. It takes many, many months to publish a book once the final manuscript is written and the editorial process is completed. It is not uncommon to have four or more edits. The following is a general guideline. These guidelines are subject to change without notice. Check back often for status updates.

  1. Title Submission: Working Title
  2. ISBN Assignment: Completed
  3. Physical Properties: Completed
  4. Cover Finish Selection: Not Completed. Concept Cover Posted.
  5. Final Selection of Authors to be Announced: as soon as we have received, read, and judged sufficiently qualified  publishable stories and poems. (All other entries may be considered for later editions.) (Check back often for changes and updates.)
  6. Complete Editing: To Be Posted
  7. Submit Final Edits: To Be Posted
  8. Interior Design & Layout: To Be Posted
  9. Cover Design Finish: To Be Posted
  10. Complete Set-Up: To Be Posted
  11. File Review: To Be Posted
  12. Proof Book: To Be Posted
  13. Copyright Application: To Be Posted
  14. LCCN Application: To Be Posted
  15. Publication: To Be Posted
  16. Distribution & Marketing: To Be Posted


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